FI-CA: Item Analysis

Technical name: SAP_BW_FICA_ANALYSIS


This role provides you with an extensive view of FI-CA items in a whole company.

To help you do this, you are provided with operative and strategic reports that can be used to compare or format items at the end of a month. The historic, strategic analysis reports, on the other hand, enable you to recognize trends or characteristics early and make the appropriate decisions.

Activities in operative FI-CA Reporting

Typical activities for this role:

  • Open items 30-60-90
    Open items divided according to due date and displayed in grids

Activities in Strategic FI-CA Reporting

Typical activities for this role:

  • Historical open items
    Enable you to recognize trends and take the necessary steps
  • Cleared historical items
    Trends are made visible and actions supported. Delayed payments cost the company a lot of money. Activities that improve the payment habits of customers are therefore a great advantage to a company. Before you can introduce any measures, however, you must carry out analyses that provide information on the payment habits of customers and allow you to recognize connecting factors.