FI-CA: End of Clearing Period

Characteristic Characteristic: 0FC_CITO

Clearing transactions for open items take place at different times: Before due date, on the due date or afterwards.

In the extractor, you can use end of clearing periods to determine the period in which you want the system to process clearing information. If you do not do this, the system reads the whole dataset in FI-CA.

You can define the processing period by using this function in conjunction with the characteristic Start of clearing periods. Make sure that the number of days between the start and end of clearing always remain the same once the period has been defined. If the historical analysis of the clearing transactions in BW is to be of any use, the length of the clearing periods must always remain the same. Reading clearing transactions over two days will definitely produce different amounts to clearing transactions that are read over two weeks.

Use this characteristic as a filter or drilldown in the query.

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Available as of Release FI-CA 4.64 (4.6C)
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