FI-CA: Clearing Grid as String

Characteristic Characteristic: 0FC_DELAY

Clearing transactions for open items take place at different times: Before due date, on the due date or afterwards.

In analysis, it is not the exact number of days that is important but a grid. In Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable, you can predefine the grid in which the items are to be grouped together during extraction. This enables you to display, for example, all clearing transactions in BW made 10 – 30 days after the due date. You can define the grid differently according to the customer groupings, as you may wish to analyze major customers differently to mass customers. You should define the grid consistently over a long period, so that it is easier to compare periods.

We also recommend that you use the grid as a predefined drilldown in every query and maintain text entries manually in BW. Define a counter at the start of the text so that the grid can be sorted in the query. This ensures that the values are more clearly displayed.

Technical Data

Available as of Release FI-CA 4.64 (4.6C)
External Hierarchy Not available