Web Analysis


With Web analysis, you can analyze customers behavior on Web sites. You can study customer activity on individual Web sites as well as the use of shopping baskets. 

This will help you answer the following questions:

·        Which products do visitors to my Web site look at? What information on the products do visitors read?

·        How many times does a user have to visit my Web site before an order can be submitted?

·        Are they new or regular visitors?

·        Which products do visitors put in their shopping basket? Which products do visitors take out of their shopping basket?

·        Which products are looked at most often, and which least often?

·        Which products are ordered the most, and which the least?

·        Is there a connection between products that are removed from the shopping basket and the style of information offered on them?

·        Is my advertising on the Internet adequate?


You are using SAP Business Information Warehouse, either DB Capturer or TeaLeaf™.

Process Flow


       1.      The system records visitor activity on a Web site with the help of either DB Capturer or TeaLeaf™ technology.

       2.      The recorded data is saved in either SAP Web AS Java 6.40 Server or on the TeaLeaf™ server, depending upon the mode that has been used to capture data.

       3.      You can export the recorded data from either SAP Web AS Java 6.40 Server or the TeaLeaf™ server into the SAP Business Information Warehouse, where you can analyze it using predefined queries.


You can use Web analysis to compare customer activity on your Web sites with previous ordering activities. You can make use of this information to design specific offers for certain customer groups, or to optimize product information on the Web site.