Files with Dwell Time Calculations

Technical name: 0WEB_FTIME


The InfoObject 0WEB_FTIME is used as a navigation attribute with the InfoObject 0WEB_FILE and as a display attribute with 0WEB_FTYPE. The InfoObject can have the following values:

" " (space) and "X".

This InfoObject ensures that only Web sites are included in the calculations that determine the dwell time for a user’s visit to a Web page, and that elements with other file types, for example, pictures in picture formats such as .jpeg or .gif are excluded from the calculations. If you use this InfoObject as an attribute for 0WEB_FILE or 0WEB_FTYPE only the files that are needed to calculate the dwell time are selected.

If the InfoObject value is set to "X", only data records with the value "X" are updated when data is updated from ODS object 0WEB_O01 to 0WEB_O02. The same is true when data is updated from ODS object 0WEB_O01 to InfoCube 0WEB_C01, meaning that only those records that correspond to the specified value are updated.

The InfoObject is used as an attribute of 0WEB_FTYPE, so that in general, you are able to use the file endings that you want to use to calculate the dwell time. The InfoObject is also a navigation attribute in 0WEB_FILE, enabling you to more accurately divide the dwell time between the individual pages if frames are used on the Web site. This means that single files can be excluded from the calculation of the dwell time.


In the customizing table RSWEB_ADMIN, you can use the SKIP_EXTENSION parameter to use either the attributes for the InfoObject 0WEB_FILE or the attributes for InfoObject 0WEB_FTYPE in the calculation of the dwell time.

Technical Data

Available as of release

BW 2.1C