Method (Client -> Server)

Technical name: 0WEB_CS_MET


This characteristic contains the method of the client request on the server. Typical methods are GET and POST.


The significance of the two parameters mentioned has to do with the forwarding of information from one page to another, among other things. If, on the first page, information is forwarded to the next page using GET parameters (for example, the user name), the URL looks like the following:

If the information is forwarded using the POST method, the URL looks like the following:

The information can be forwarded using "hidden fields", that is, fields that you can't see on the HTML page.


An example list of methods for this InfoObject is delivered as a CSV file (0WEB_CS_MET_TXT.CSV). This CSV file is loaded into the InfoObject when the InfoObject is activated and is stored subsequently on the application server.

Technical Data

Available as of release

BW 2.1C