Number of Hits

Technical name: 0WEB_HIT


An entry is made in the Web log file for every file that is requested and sent. For the key figure Number of Hits, value 1 is written in as a constant for each entry. You can use this to calculate the number of hits on the files.

A hit is a request from a client to the server to deliver an individual file (text, graphic, ...).


In case an HTML page consists of the page itself (for example, welcome.html) and two graphics (mail.gif, banner.jpg), a visit to this page leads to three hits, since both graphics next to the HTML page must also still be delivered from the server to the client.

Each hit creates a data record. Three data records, which are counted as three hits, are contained in this example. The key figure 0WEB_HIT for the value 1 is written in for each data record.

Technical Data

Available as of Release

BW 2.1C



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