Dwell Time

Technical name: 0WEB_DWELL


As a rule, visitors to a Website look at several different pages in a particular sequence. Each page has more or less information on than the last, which makes the dwell time on a page a key part of understanding how information is viewed.

If the dwell time, that is, the time between page A being downloaded and page B being downloaded, is only very short, it is most likely that the user did not read the information on page A, or at least not much of it. On the other hand, if the dwell time is high, we can assume that the user read the information on page A more thoroughly. An unusually higher dwell time can indicate that the user stopped reading the information at some point but left the called up pages later.

If the operators of a Website consider, evaluate, and interpret this information, they can use it to optimize the informative content of a page.

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BW 2.1C





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