Extended Grouping of Users

You can extend the existing criteria for combining users to then group the users as follows:

·        By more than one criterion, such as Name and Telephone Number

·        By personalization objects

·        By a combination of both

You can implement your individual user groupings with personalization objects, which are available as of SAP R/3 4.6C. For more information about how to use personalization objects, see Using Personalization Objects in the LAW.

When grouping, grouping fields are only displayed if personalization data exists in the LAW. The number of these fields corresponds to the number of different personalization objects, but is restricted to a maximum of five.

If you are using personalization objects, these must be maintained in all systems and for all users. Otherwise, grouping will be incomplete.

Extended grouping, especially with personalization objects, is significantly more expensive and time-consuming. You should therefore only use the extended grouping if you absolutely require it, for example, if you are only consolidating using more than one criterion.