Overview of the LAW Procedures

To consolidate the measurement results with the License Administration Workbench (LAW), you must perform the steps below in the order in which they are listed.

Process Flow

After you have performed the system measurement in the component systems and in the LAW system, you can evaluate and consolidate the measurement data centrally in the LAW.


You combine the measurement data of all component systems and of the central system in the License Administration Workbench

You combine the usersand can then check the user list.

       1.      You manually correct and amend the combined users.

You consolidate the data and can check the results using the result list and the Result tab page.

If necessary, you correct the user classification of the users if necessaryin the original system.

You transfer the consolidated data to SAPand can then check the list of all transfers.

       2.      You can utilize the LAW data for additional internal uses with BAPIs (see LAW Interface).

You group the systems, so that you can perform partial consolidations later.