Transferring Results to SAP


After you have consolidated the data, transfer the results to SAP. The LAW supports two procedures: one the one hand, the Service Data Control Center (SDCC), and on the other, the Service Data Manager (Service Data Control Center, SDCCN) (see SAP Note 861753). The data is transferred anonymously, as displayed in the LAW log (fax log). You can also create comments about the measurement data using the Comments () pushbutton. These are also transferred to SAP.

To display the data as it is transferred to SAP, call the Fax Log. To do this, choose Measurement Data ® Send Results ® LAW Log ® Create LAW Log.


?     The Service Data Control Center (SDCC) or its successor, the Service Data Manager (SDCCN) is active (see SAP Note 178631 or 763561).

?     You have authorizations SDCC_DEV = READ and SDCC_RUN = READ, WRITE for the object S_SDCC, with which you can transfer data.



       1.      Call the License Administration Workbench (transaction SLAW or LICENSE_ADMIN).

       2.      To send the files with the measurement data to SAP, choose the option Transfer Directly to SAP () in the Control LAW box.

       3.      If you have created remarks, you can now decide in a dialog box whether you want to send these to SAP unchanged.

       4.      To display the list of all transfers, choose the Display Transfers () option in the Control LAW box.

If you do not want to transfer the data online, you can send it to SAP by fax. First define a sender address with company abbreviation for each LAW to be evaluated. This means that the storage of the faxes is clearer later.

                                                  i.       Choose Measurement Data ® Send Results ® Fax Log ® Define Addresses.

                                                ii.       On the Create Addresses for Fax Log screen, make sure that you fill out the Company Abbreviation for Page Header, as the sorting of the printed faxes depends on this field. You can enter any data here.

                                               iii.       Then create the fax log in the usual way. To do this, choose Measurement Data ® Send Results ® Fax Log ® Create Fax Log.

                                               iv.       Print the log and send it to SAP.