Notes on the Playback of SAPGUI Commands

SAPGUI commands can be placed in a MESSAGE…ENDMESSAGE block. If an error that would normally cause a termination occurs, depending on the start options the execution jumps to the ENDMESSAGE command and continues from there.

You can define checks in InitialState nodes. For a check to occur, the complete path to the element to be checked must have the Check attributes set (with 'X').

The InitialState node has a get function. Elements in an InitialState node are supplied with the value that appears during playback, if they are parameterized or checked. If you enter a parameter in the appropriate Value field, that parameter will be supplied with the actual value.

Values in the UserChangedState node can be supplied with fixed values or parameters.

Message popups that appear during runtime but not during recording, are automatically closed so that they do not invalidate the test script.