REF ( <eCATT test script> , <command interface> ).

REF ( <eCATT test script> , <command interface> , <target system> ).

The REF command executes another eCATT test script that is in the local system.

The import and export parameters are passed by means of the command interface. If the target system is specified, the commands of the test script will be executed in that system.

If the test script has several versions, the appropriate version is selected for the software component and release information of the target system. The version is selected using the versioning data in the attributes of the test script.

If you maintain the fields TESTCONFIG and VARIANT in the command interface, the test script uses data from the specified variant of a test configuration. The values used are determined in the following way: values specified in the command interface override values from the variant, and values from the variant override the default values of the test script. Fields with no entry do not normally override maintained fields. However, a structured parameter is treated as a whole during transfer from the variant and in this case all the fields are overwritten.



       1.      In the command editor, enter REF ( <eCATT test script> , <command interface> ).

Double-click <command interface>.

       2.      The command interface appears in the structure editor.

       3.      In the structure editor, enter the appropriate values in the fields. These values can be parameters or fixed values.