Importing Parameters into Test Data Containers or Test Scripts


If parameters are already defined in other eCATT objects (test scripts and test data containers), you can copy them into a test data container. The copied parameters are exactly the same as if you had manually entered them, complete with values. See also, External Test Data (External Variants).

Similarly, you can copy parameters into test scripts. Test scripts also have the possibility of importing command interfaces. The command interfaces are complete with values and parameter names. See also, Refreshing Command Interfaces.


       1.      Open the eCATT object for editing.

       2.      Choose Edit ® Import Parameters.

The Import Parameters dialog box appears.

       3.      Select the type and name of the eCATT object containing the parameters to be imported. You can also specify a version of a test script.

       4.      Choose Get Parameters.

The parameters are displayed in the left pane. For test scripts, you can toggle between the display of parameters and command interfaces.

       5.      Select the parameters that you want to copy.

       6.      Choose Append. Alternatively, use drag and drop.

The selected parameters are displayed in the right pane.

       7.      Choose Copy.