Saving the Settings of the Start Options

Users can save their personal settings for the start options. When the same user who saved the settings starts an eCATT (with or without the start screen), the saved settings are loaded automatically. The storage of settings is related only to username and start type (you cannot create several variants of settings for a given start type).

Possible start types are:

·        Start of an eCATT script

·        Start of an eCATT test configuration

·        Start of multiple eCATT test configurations (for example, from the Test Workbench)

·        Start from Performance Tool ST30

From the Start Options menu (or the corresponding toolbar buttons) you can:

·        Save personal settings

·        Load personal settings

·        Load default settings

·        Delete personal settings

Some of the fields on the start screen are stored once for each start type of the user:

·        On the Shared tab

Ў        Error Behavior

·        On the UI Control tab

Ў        Start Mode for Command TCD

Ў        Start Mode Overwrites Mode if TCD is Run

Some of the fields are never stored:

·        On the Shared tab:

Ў        Debugging Mode

Ў        System Data

Ў        Target System

Ў        Internal CATT System

Ў        Archiving

·        All settings on Variants and Parameters tabs

All other fields are stored once for the user.

The delete function deletes all the profiles of the user.