Creating System Data Containers



       1.      On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen, select System Data and enter a name for the system data container.

       2.      Choose .

The system data editor appears.

       3.      Choose the Attributes tab and maintain the attributes. The required fields are Title and Person Responsible.

       4.      Choose the System Data tab.

The target system NONE already exists.

       5.      For each target system that you want to create, choose .

       6.      In the Test System field, enter a name for the target system.

       7.      In the RFC Destination field or HTTP Destination field, enter the name of an existing destination or one that you want to create.

       8.      Choose Enter.

The Instance Description field is filled automatically.

If the destination does not yet exist, a message is displayed in the status bar. You can choose Change destination () or double-click the destination name to create the new destination.

       9.      Choose .