Executing External Test Scripts in eCATT


The external script has been saved as an eCATT test script.

Referencing the Script from another Test Script

You use the REFEXT command to reference and execute the eCATT test script.

You can parameterize the parameters that are defined in the external script. You do this in the command interface of the REFEXT command. In the command interface:

·        All parameters are treated as strings.

·        You can select the starting script.

·        You can use the Skip_Sending_BLOB parameter to specify whether or not the external script should be sent to the external tool. This is useful if you want to execute the same script several times. In this case, you can send the script in the first REFEXT command and skip sending it in all other commands.

You can use the SENDEXT command to send a script to the external tool without executing it.

Executing from the eCATT Initial Screen

You can run the eCATT test script from the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen. In this case, the default values of the script are used.