Using TCD (Record) to Record Transactions


You use TCD (Record) to record all the entries and functions in transactions.

To help decide between using TCD (Record) or SAPGUI (Record), see Testing Applications.



       1.      In the test script editor, choose the Editor tab.

       2.      Choose Pattern.

The Insert Statement dialog box appears.

       3.      From the Command dropdown list, choose TCD (record).

       4.      In the Transaction field, enter the transaction code of the transaction that you want to record, and choose .

In the Interface field, a system-generated name appears.

       5.      Accept the system-generated name or edit it.

       6.      If there is a system data container, you can enter the target system in the Target System field.

       7.      Choose .

The transaction starts.

       8.      Work through the transaction as normal.

When you leave the transaction, the system returns you to the script editor with the Recording ended dialog box.

       9.      Choose Yes to transfer the data.


A TCD command and its associated command interface is inserted in the test script. The test script can be executed as is. Alternatively, you can parameterize it, enhance it with other eCATT functions, and so.