Preparing to Use an External Tool with eCATT

For up-to-date information, see SAP Note 519858.

An external tool must be:

·         Certified against the BC-eCATT interface. Certification should cover the target release as well as the user interface to be tested.

·         Installed on the front-end machine that you run the tests on.

·         Registered on the backend system that eCATT runs on. This is usually done by the system administrator. To do this, maintain the Customizing table, ECCUST_ET. You can maintain the table manually, or add entries by using the function module SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL from transaction SE37. You should provide the following information:

Ў        A working name for the tool

Ў        The PROG_ID of the test tool's certified interface (this is case-sensitive)

Ў        A description of the tool

Ў        The local database of the tool, if it has one.

The external tool requires a service user in order to communicate with eCATT. To do this, run the program ECATT_GENERATE_ET_USER from transaction SE38.

If you have not started the external tool from within eCATT, you need the role SAP_ECET in your user profile to be able to save and load test scripts to and from eCATT.