Preparing Systems for Testing Web Dynpro

Create User ECATT_HTTP in the eCATT System

The administrator in the eCATT system must create a user called ECATT_HTTP(with a password). The user requires no special authorization but must be a system user (in transaction SU01, display the user and choose the Logon data tab. Under User Type, select System).

Activate the Service ecatt_recorder in the eCATT System


       1.      In the eCATT System, start transaction SICF and navigate to the service ecatt_recorder.

       2.      Double-click on ecatt_recorder.

       3.      On the Logon Data tab, enter the user ECATT_HTTPand the password.

       4.      Choose Save.

       5.      Select ecatt_recorder and choose Service/Virtual Host  ®  Activate.

Activate the Service ecattping in the Target Systems

Java System


       1.      In the Visual Administrator, choose Server ® Services ® Deploy.

       2.      On the Runtime tab, select Application.

       3.      Select ecattping.

       4.      Choose Start Application.

ABAP System

       1.      In the target system, start transaction SICF and navigate to the service ecattping.

       2.      Select ecattping and choose Service/Virtual Host  ®  Activate.