Creating Test Data Containers



       1.      On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen screen, select Test Data and enter a name for the test data container.

       2.      Choose .

The test data editor appears.

       3.      Choose the Attributes tab and maintain the attributes. The required fields are Title and Component.

       4.      Choose the Parameters tab.

       5.      Choose  to append a parameter. Do this as many times as required.

       6.      Enter the required information.

A parameter need not have the same name as the parameter of the test script with which it is to be used. However, some of the options in the test configuration (for example, Attach as variant) do depend on the name being the same. The type need not be the same as in the test script but will get problems if you use incompatible types.

       7.      Choose the Variants tab and maintain the variants. See Creating Variants in Test Data Containers.

       8.      Choose .