Splitting Commands


This applies to SAPGUI, CHEGUI, and GETGUI commands. If you want a finer granularity you can split a command into several commands. For example:

·        To change a part of a command interface in order to re-record from part way through.

·        To insert other eCATT commands for checks or for steering the script.

Parameterization is unaffected. The new command interfaces will have the appropriate parameters.

If you split a command in the command editor, the number of new commands depends on the chosen granularity.

If you split a command in the structure editor, two new commands are created, the second of which contains the selected ProcessedScreen node.


Command Editor

       1.      In the command editor, position the cursor on the command.

       2.      From the context menu, choose Split, then choose the granularity.

Structure Editor

       1.      In the Structure Editor, select the ProcessedScreen node at which you want to split.

       2.      From the context menu, choose Split Command Interface.


The original command is commented out and the new commands inserted with new command interfaces. The original command interface is not lost. If you are sure that you no longer need it, you can delete it.