Checking a Value in WEBDYNPRO


You can check values under the SCREEN node. If a check fails, the command is so marked in the log and the following WEBDYNPRO commands are not executed.

The value at runtime is checked against the expected value. Possible check actions are: =, <, >, <>, <=, or >=.

See Using the Web Dynpro Simulator for an alternative procedure.


       1.      In the test script editor, open the command interface.

       2.      Expand the tree in the left side of the structure editor to display the relevant element.

       3.      From the context menu, choose Insert Check. The element is copied to the GETS_AND CHECKS node.

       4.      Under the GETS_AND CHECKS node, double-click the element to display it for editing in the right-hand pane.

       5.      Parameterize the CheckAction field and ExpectedValue field as required. Optionally, parameterize the Value field to perform a GET as well.