SETTAB ( <customizing table> , <command interface> ).

SETTAB ( <customizing table> , <command interface> , <target system> ).

SETTAB changes a customizing table (other databank tables cannot be affected). SETTAB can modify entries or create new ones.

The original values of the changed entries are stored in an internal backup table. The customizing table can be restored to its original state, or confirmed in its changed state, by the RESTAB command. eCATT executes RESTAB ( RESET ) at the end of any script in which a SETTAB has been executed. You do not need to enter this command explicitly at the end of a test script.

You specify the values of the fields in the command interface. You do not have to specify the complete key. eCATT uses the appropriate initial values for key fields in which no values have been entered.


  1. In the command editor, enter SETTAB ( < customizing table> , <command interface> )
  2. Double-click <command interface>.

    The command interface appears in the structure editor.

  3. In the structure editor, enter the values for the fields.


SETTAB ( T619F , T691F_1 ).