REMOTECATT ( <CATT test case> , <command interface> ).

REMOTECATT ( <CATT test case> , <command interface> , <target system> ).

The REMOTECATT command calls the CATT interpreter in the target system and executes a CATT test case that has its source there.

Parameters are passed by means of the command interface.

If you maintain the field VARIANT in the command interface, the CATT test case uses data from the specified variant. The values used are determined in the following way: values specified in the command interface override values from the variant, and values from the variant override the default values of the test case. Fields with no entry do not normally override maintained fields.

If you maintain the field TARGET_SYSTEM in the command interface, the test script uses this value to get an RFC destination (from the system data container), which is then used internally by the CATT source system to execute its CATT functions there remote.

A CATT log is generated in the target system where the CATT source is.