Importing Web Dynpro Test Scripts


Test scripts that are created in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio are stored on the local file system as XML files (with the extension .testscript). You can import these files and use them within eCATT independent of the Developer Studio.


The UI information has been recorded (in the Developer Studio, Preferences ® Web Dynpro ® Web Dynpro Test ® Record UI Information in Test Script).


       1.      Open an eCATT test script for editing in the test script editor.

       2.      Choose the Pattern function.

       3.      Choose the UI Control group followed by WEBDYNPRO (Import).

       4.      Accept or change the suggested interface name.

       5.      If the test script has a system data container, you can enter the target system.

       6.      Choose Enter.

       7.      In the Upload Developer Studio Test Script dialog, enter the location and name of the XML file.

       8.      Choose OK.

The WEBDYNPRO command is inserted in the command editor.