Execution Control

This allows you to pause or stop the execution of the a running test. You can also jump into the debugger. If you do interrupt the execution, this is marked at the highest level in the log (by icon and “WITH INTERUPTION”)  and also at the relevant place in the log (icon and type of interruption).

You can call execution control from the start options (Shared tab) or from within the log. If the control dialog is hidden by the executing session, you can use the Windows key combination CTRL+TAB to bring it to the front.

If you have a long running test that you want to stop, but have not selected Execution Control in the start options, you can open the log in another session and choose Utilities ® Execution Control. With appropriate authorization (S_DEVELOP, activity 70 (administration) for script or configuration), you can stop the execution of tests started by other users.