Checking or Activating Customizing Settings


Your test script might depend on the customizing settings in the target system. At a very low level, you can use GETTAB, SETTAB and RESTAB to test the effects of customizing changes. However, the BCSET command allows you to use Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets) that exist in the target system. The main purposes of the BCSET command are to activate the Customizing needed by the business process to be tested and to perform checks on the Customizing settings. For example, to test that customizing settings are active in a system, you can run a check against known BC Set data.

You can use BCSET to:

·        customize a test client before testing

·        test planned changes to a system

·        check that Customizing settings are correct in a system under test

Command Interface Values




Check the existence of a BC Set in the target system.


Compare a BC Set with the existing target system settings.


Simulate the activation of a BC Set in the target system.


Activate a BC Set in the target system.


The business configuration must exist in the target system.

Security and Authorization

You cannot bypass system restrictions with eCATT. You require the same authorization in the target system to activate BC Sets using eCATT as you would using transaction SCPR20 (Activate BCSets). If the target systems are customized to forbid the activation of BC Sets, it is also not possible to activate them from eCATT. If the target systems require the recording of customizing changes in change requests (customizing or workbench requests), the BCSET command will not function unless the required information is entered in its command interface.

If customizing changes have been made using BC Set activations, this fact will be noted at the top of the log.

BC Sets can only be activated from scripts where the check box BCSET command allowed in script has been selected. You do this on the Restrictions tab of the script attributes. This is not selected by default.

Activation really will activate the settings in the target system. This can seriously affect that system. There is no reset after activation.