Uploading eCATT Objects


An eCATT object can be stored as an XML file (you download eCATT objects from within their respective editors). This enables you to transfer eCATT objects between systems simply. You can upload the following eCATT objects:

·        Test configurations

·        Test scripts

·        Test data containers

·        System data containers

When you upload a test configuration or test script, eCATT objects that it references are not automatically uploaded. You need to specifically upload these objects.

System Data Containers

When uploading or downloading system data containers for copying to another system, the name of an RFC destination remains unchanged in the RFC Destination field. However, in the new system, this name might not exist or might be that of a different RFC destination. In these cases, you need to maintain the RFC destinations, either before or after upload.



       1.      On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen, choose eCATT Object ® Upload.

A dialog box appears.

       2.      Choose the folder where the files are located.

       3.      Select the file or files, then choose Open.

A dialog box appears.

       4.      In the relevant Target object field, enter a name for the eCATT object.

       5.      If the eCATT object is a test script, you can enter a version number in the Target Version field.

       6.      Choose .

If any of the RFC destinations do not exist in the system, the Status field will be marked yellow. However, that does not prevent the upload.

       7.      Choose .