Displaying and Printing Logs


You can display an existing log. You can print out a view of your choice.



       1.      On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen screen, choose .

The eCATT Log Selection screen appears.

       2.      Enter your selection criteria and choose .

A list of all the logs that satisfy the selection criteria is displayed.

       3.      In the Activity no column, click the number of the log that you want to display.

The log is displayed as a hierarchical structure in which you can navigate.

       4.      To see the elements under a node, select the node and choose Expand nodes, or click on the symbol in front of the node.

       5.      Expand and collapse nodes until the log looks the way you want it for printing.

       6.      Choose  to print immediately.

Alternatively, choose Log Display ® Print Preview and then choose .

The Print Screen List dialog box appears.

       7.      Enter the required information and choose .