Creating Test Configurations




       1.      On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen screen, select Test Configuration and enter the name of the test configuration.

       2.      Choose .

The test configuration editor appears.

       3.      Choose the Attributes tab and maintain the attributes. The required fields are Title and Component.

       4.      Choose the eCATT Objects tab.

       5.      In the Test Script field, enter the name of a test script.

       6.      In the System Data Container field, enter the name of a system data container.

       7.      For each test data container that you want to reference, choose  and enter the name of the test data container and an alias. The alias is an alphanumeric name of up to three characters.

       8.      Choose the Variants tab. You can manually create variants or use the wizard to choose variants from the test data containers that you have referenced. For more details, see Creating Variants in Test Configurations.

       9.      Choose .

When you save the script for the first time, a dialog box prompts you to assign it to a package.

Quick Procedure

This creates a test configuration with the same name as the test script from which it is derived and with the same system data container.

       1.      Display the test script in the test script editor.

       2.      Choose Utilities ® Test Configuration ® Create.