Using the Web Dynpro Simulator


The Web Dynpro simulator makes it easy for you to identify and parameterize screen elements.

If you go to the simulator from the test script editor, you can navigate through the pages. The order of the pages follows that of the pages and their WEBDYNPRO commands in the script. With the current release, you can only insert gets and checks from within the simulator.

From the log or log-like part of the debugger, you can display a page in the simulator by expanding the relevant interface and left-clicking the page. While in the debugger, you can choose to show the recorded and actual page side by side. When stepping through the script in the debugger, F5 will take you into the simulator, F6 will not.

Inserting Gets and Checks

       1.      Display the command interface of the WEBDYNPRO command in the structure editor.

       2.      Select the relevant Page node

       3.      Form the context menu, choose Simulator.

       4.      Select a screen element and choose Insert Get or Insert Check as required.

       5.      Choose Exit Simulation.

You should see the element in the command interface under the GETS_AND_CHECKS node. If necessary, refresh the command interface.