GETTAB ( <table> , <command interface> ).

GETTAB ( <table> , <command interface> , <target system> ).

The GETTAB command reads a record from a database table, and assigns the values from the record to the corresponding fields of a command interface (the command interface has the same structure as the table).

You specify the values of the key fields in the command interface. You do not have to specify the complete key. Enter an asterisk in each key field for which you do not assign a value.

If the complete key is not specified, several records might satisfy the selection criteria. GETTAB reads the first record found that satisfies the selection criteria.

You can specify which system the database table is in. If you specify a target system, the test script or the test configuration must have an appropriate system data container.


  1. In the command editor, enter GETTAB ( <table> , <command interface> ).
  2. Double-click <command interface>.

    The command interface appears in the structure editor.

  3. In the structure editor, enter values in the key fields. Make sure that each of the key fields is filled with a fixed value, a parameter, or an asterisk.