EXIT ( <condition> ).

You can use this command to conditionally exit a DO loop or a test case.

If the EXIT condition is not satisfied, the next statement is executed. If the condition is satisfied:

  • Inside a DO...ENDDO loop, the next statement after the ENDDO is executed.
  • Inside a test case that has been called by the REF command, the next statement after the REF statement, in the calling test case, is executed.
  • In a test case itself, the test case is ended.


To formulate conditions, you can use logical expressions containing the following operators:




equal to


not equal to


less than


less than or equal to


greater than


greater than or equal to


Boolean AND


Boolean OR


Boolean NOT

Simple conditions have the form:

<parameter1> <comparison operator> <parameter2>

You can combine several logical expressions into a single logical expression. If the single logical expression is true:

  • Only if all of the component expressions are true, link the expressions with AND.
  • If at least one of the component expressions is true, link the expressions with OR.

To negate the result of a logical expression, you can precede it with the NOT operator.

NOT takes priority over AND. AND takes priority over OR. However, you can use parentheses to specify the processing sequence.

Leave a space before and after a parenthesis.


EXIT ( NOT ( A < B AND A > D ) ).