Using System Data Containers

In Test Scripts and Test Data Containers

By specifying a system data container in the attributes of a test script, you can access remote systems at design time to record transactions or to access the definitions of function modules, classes, methods and data types there.

It also allows you to specify a target system for a parameter reference in the parameter list. You can then retrieve metadata from the specified system at design time. This information will be used at runtime without again contacting the remote system.

Maintenance System

A maintenance target system can be specified in the attributes of a test script or test data container. This system is accessed during script development, if no other system is specified, for:

·        Recording of TCD, SAPGUI and WEBDYNPRO commands.

·        Creating FUN, SETTAB, GETTAB, CHETAB, BCSET, and CALLMETHOD and other ABAP Objects commands.

·        Execution of a test script started within the eCATT script development environment (if not overwritten by start options).

·        Checking the syntax of inline ABAP (when using Test Script  ®  Check  ®  Extended).

·        Retrieving metadata for parameter references.

Referenced Test Scripts

Test scripts can be referenced from other test scripts as shown below.

Even if each test script has its own system data container for maintainance, only the system data container of the topmost script is used when it is executed. Therefore, a valid system data container has to provide an RFC destination for every logical target system of every script referenced (in the above example, for R3, CRM, X, Y, A, B, FU and Hugo). It is permitted to contain more destinations than required for the scenario.

In Test Configurations

The system data container in the test configuration overrides the system data container of the referenced test script during execution.

Start Options

You can override the system data container and target system in the start options when executing a test script or test configuration. For execution of a:

·        Test script from the eCATT development environment, the default target is the maintenance target system.

·        Test configuration, the default is the target system of test configuration. The maintenance target system of the script is irrelevant.

Commands having a specific target stated at the command will be executed in that system. If the target system is not defined in the system data container or not available physically, an error will result.

Commands without a specific target system will be executed as follows:

·        In the master script, the commands will be in the default target system.

·        In referenced scripts <script_ref> depending on the call itself:

Ў         REF ( <script_ref>, <interface>, <target>). – in the system <target>.

Ў         REF ( <script_ref>, <interface>). – in the default target system of the calling script.