Joining Commands


You can merge several command of the same type into one command. For example, if you have recorded SAPGUI commands using a fine granularity, or if you have split a command for editing and want to rebuild it.

·        You can merge several SAPGUI command into one SAPGUI command.

·        You can merge several GETGUI command into one GETGUI command.

·        you can merge several CHEGUI commands into one CHEGUI command.

Parameterization is not affected.


The commands must be of the same type – SAPGUI, or GETGUI, or CHEGUI.

The SessionId must be identical in all commands.

The ConnectionId must be identical in all commands.


       1.      In the command editor, select the commands to be merged by marking the area with the mouse.

       2.      From the context menu, choose Join.


The original commands are commented out and a new command inserted with a new command interface. The original command interfaces still exist. If you are sure that you no longer need them, you can delete them.