Testing Web Dynpro Applications

eCATT can test Java-based and ABAP-based Web Dynpro applications. You can record and replay applications.  The relevant eCATT command is WEBDYNPRO. You can parameterize the command interface to set input values of GUI elements, and to check or read values from GUI elements.


Based on the data in the relevant command interface, simulation allows you to visualize the relevant page and select GUI elements for creating checks and getting values. Of course, you do not need to use the simulator for creating checks and getting values – you can do this directly in the command interface as well.

The simulator is also used to display screens when replaying in the foreground.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

Java-based Web Dynpro applications are developed in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. However, you do not need the Developer Studio to test deployed applications with eCATT.

To allow developers to record tests without having to use eCATT, there is a plug-in for the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio that allows capture and replay of Web Dynpro applications within the Developer Studio. You can import scripts, which were recorded within the Developer Studio, into eCATT.

Replaying Web Dynpro Applications

In the start options, you can specify whether the application is replayed in the background or in the foreground. Foreground processing uses the simulator (not a browser) and allows you to see the screens as they are replayed. With foreground processing, you can specify how long each screen should be displayed before the next screen is processed. For troubleshooting purposes, you can display both the expected screen and the actual screen simultaneously – this allows you to, for example, see when a new version of a screen contains different UI elements such as extra buttons.

If the application requires user authentication, you need to have entered the relevant information in the destination using transaction SM59.