Transports and Permissions

The following permissions are necessary for exporting and importing:

·        To create a transport package in a certain folder of the Portal Catalog, you need read/write permission for this folder.

·        To assign content objects to a package, you need at least read permission for the objects to be assigned.

·        A user having the system administration role can import any package that is in the import directory.

·        You can only import objects into the Portal Content Directory if you have read/write permission for each folder in the Portal Catalog where the imported objects will be stored.

·        You can only export resource bundles if you have write permission for these objects. You can find resource bundles in the Portal Catalog by calling them with System Administration ® Permissions. All administrators other than the superadministrator can access the folder for the resource bundles as „read-only“ in the standard delivery.

For more information see Permission Levels.