Creating Worklists


To create a worklist, you need at least read/write permission for the Portal Catalog folder in which you want to create the object.



       1.      In the delivered role for content administration, choose Content Administration ® Portal Content ® Translation Worklist Coordination.

       2.      Place the cursor on a folder in the Portal Catalog and choose New ® Translation Worklist with the secondary mouse button.

       3.      Under Step 1 „General Properties“, enter the following:

Ў        Translation Worklist Name: Name of the worklist (required)

Ў        Translation Worklist ID: ID of the worklist (required)

Ў        Translation Worklist ID Prefix: You can enter an optional prefix for the worklist. We recommend that you use a namespace prefix and only include objects in the worklist if they have this prefix in their name.  You can prevent the same object from appearing in different worklists (read Locking During the Translation Process).

Ў        Master Language: Master language (required)

Ў        Description: Description (optional)

       4.      Choose Next.

       5.      In Step 2 "Enter Folder of New Translation Worklist”, you can create an additional subfolder under the given folder if you like. If you do not make an entry here, the object is created in the directory where you currently are by default. Choose Next.

       6.      In Step 3 “Summary”, you can check the entries you made so far. If you do not want the worklist to be opened immediately after the generation process for editing, deselect the option Open for editing when wizard completes.

       7.      Choose Finish.

The wizard generates the new object and stores it in the indicated folder in the Portal Catalog.  Depending on the options you selected in Step 6, your worklist is now available for editing.