Security Levels

The security level system value (QSECURITY)  specifies the level of security to be enforced on the iSeries system. Changes to this value take effect at the next IPL (Initial Program Load).

The system offers five levels of security:

·        10:    No system-enforced security

·        20:    Sign-on security

·        30:    Sign-on and resource security

·        40:    Sign-on and resource security; integrity protection

·        50:    Sign-on and resource security; enhanced integrity protection

The iSeries system is shipped at security level 40, which provides sign-on and resource security as well as integrity protection.

If you want to change the security level, use the Work with System Values (WRKSYSVAL) command. Although you can use level 30 for operating SAP systems, we recommend using level 40. For more information on SAP installation documentation, see SAP Marketplace at