Access Privileges for BR*Tools

If you use the DBA Planning Calendar, which uses the BR*Tools, then note the following:

·        Assign <sapsid>adm and SAPService<SAPSID> to the local groups ORA_<DBSID>_DBAand ORA_<DBSID>_OPER. BRBACKUP then logs on using connect / as sysoper.

The group ORA_<DBSID>_OPER(DB role: SYSOPER) is an administrator group that is restricted to operator operations. ORA_<DBSID>_OPERcan start or shut down the database, perform backups, etc., but has no read or write authorizations.

·        BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE must also have full access to the SAP tables SDBAD, SDBAH and tables defined in the XDB interface. These access rights are contained in the database role SAPDBA.

·        BRCONNECT only executes from CCMS when the database is open. Appropriate database privileges are necessary for the following BRCONNECT operations:

-f stats, -f next, -f cleanup, -f check

·        BRCONNECT must have write permissions to the following tables:

SDBAD, SDBAH, DBSTATC, DBSTATTORA, DBSTATHORA, DBSTATIORA, DBSTAIHORA, and other DBA* tables. These access rights are also contained in SAPDBA role.