Changing Passwords for SQL Server Logins


To change the password for SQL Server logins like sa or <sapsid>, proceed as described here.



       1.      In the Enterprise Manager, expand the server and Security.

       2.      Under Security choose Logins.

The results pane shows the users defined for the server.

       3.      Select the login for which you want to change the password and choose Action  ® Properties.

       4.      The SQL Server Login Properties dialog box opens.

       5.      On the General tab, enter a new password for the login you have selected.

When you change the password for sa,  you have to specify the master database as the default database for the login.

       6.      Choose OK and confirm your password.

The new password is now valid.

For more information on SQL Server Logins in the SAP environment, see SAP Note 28893.