Additional Information on Auditing and Logging

Type / Number


Audit Info System

SAP Note 77503

Audit Information System (AIS)

SAP Note 100609

Audit Information System (AIS) - installation

SAP Internet

SAP Arbeitskreis Wirtschaftsprьfung und Revision (SAP Auditors User's Group)

SAP Service Marketplace

SAP Audit Information System

Security Audit Log

SAP Library

Security Audit Log

System Log

SAP Library

System log

Statistical Records

SAP Library

SAP Accounting Interface

Application Logging

SAP Library

Create application log

Logging Workflow Execution

SAP Library

WebFlow Engine (BC-BMT-WFM)

Logging Using Change Documents

SAP Library

BC - ABAP Dictionary

Change documents

Logging Changes to Table Data

SAP Note 1916

Logging table changes in R/3

SAP Note 112388

Tables are subject to logging

SAP documentation

SAP – Audit Guidelines R/3 FI / MM

Logging Changes to User and Authorization Information

SAP Library

User Maintenance Functions