Logging Changes Made to User and Authorization Information

SAP Systems log changes made by a user administrator in non-transparent tables in the database. Access to these tables is protected by the SAP authorization concept. Once these logs have been archived, they are deleted. (Use SAP archiving tools to archive these logs.)

Depending on your release, use either the Authorization Infosystem or transaction SU01 to access these logs. You can view the following changes:

·        Changes made directly to a user's authorization.

These are changes made to the profile list in the user's master record. This does not include indirect changes that occur when authorizations or profiles are changed. View the change documents for the profiles and authorizations to check those changes.

·        Changes to:

Ў        The user password (hashed representation only)

Ў        The user type

Ў        The user group

Ў        The validity period

Ў        The account number

·        Changes made directly to profiles or authorizations.

For more information, see User Maintenance Functions.