Logging Changes Made Using the Change & Transport System

It is important to keep track of all changes made to your productive system. In addition to application logging, change documents, and table recording, all changes that you make to your productive system using the Change & Transport System are documented in the CTS and TMS logs.

The table below shows the logs created by the Change & Transport System.

Change & Transport System Logs

Log (File or SAP System Table)



Data files containing the contents of the transport


Status files containing a list of the transport steps


Logs containing the keys of the transported objects

Table E070 in the SAP System

Header information for the transport request

Tables E071 and E071K in the SAP System

Object list and keys from table entries

Because the transport directory is a central location that contains most of the transport information, we recommend you regularly archive its contents and keep the archives for auditing purposes.

In addition, the SAP System version management records a history of changes made to repository objects (programs and Data Dictionary objects). Changes to table data can be logged using the table recording mentioned in Logging Changes to Table Data.