The Audit Info System (AIS)

The Audit Info System (AIS) is an auditing tool that you can use to analyze security aspects of your SAP System in detail. AIS presents its information in the Audit Info Structure (similar to IMG) so that you can easily determine which activities you need to perform and which you have accomplished. The following functions are available:

·        Auditing procedures and documentation

·        Auditing evaluations

·        Audit data downloads

AIS is designed for business audits and systems audits. The Audit Info Structure is designed with these types of audits in mind and we deliver pre-defined views based on these auditing types. You can modify these views or develop your own, as you wish.

You access AIS with the transaction SECR.

AIS is available as a standard component as of Releases 3.1I and 4.6A. We do support the import of AIS into earlier releases. For more information on AIS and its availability, see the AIS information on the SAP Service Marketplace (, the Audit User's Group (, and the SAP Notes 77503 and 100609.