Configuring Connection Data for the Directory Service

  1. In the initial screen of the directory service maintenance (transaction LDAP), choose LDAP Administration a Server, or the Server pushbutton.

    The system displays the Display "Server" View: Overview screen with the physical connection data of your directory service server.

  2. Switch to change mode and select New Entries.

    The system displays the New Entries: Details of Added Entries screen.

  3. Enter the following data:



    Server name

    Logical name of the directory service server

    Host Name

    Host name of the directory service server

    Port number

    Port number used (normally 389)

    Log version

    Either LDAP Version 2 or LDAP Version 3

    LDAP Application




    CA certificate


    Set this indicator if the server is to be used as the standard server for the system

    Basis entry

    Distinguished Name of the root node of the directory tree

    System logon

    Logical name of the LDAP user that is used to log on to the directory

    Read anonymously


  4. Activate the Proposal indicator if the server is to be used as the standard directory service server for this system
  5. Activate Read Anonymously if only anonymous logon is to be used for read accesses.

    The logical name SAP_* (such as SAP_ROOT, SAP_USER or SAP_SERVICES) are reserved for SAP applications.

    You can define different entry points for different applications that are in one or more directories (Basis entry field).

  6. Save your entries.