A table is an area in a dynamic document in which you can display data in a structured form. There are two kinds of tables:

Standard Tables: Standard tables may contain any kind of element, including forms and other tables. You may place any number of elements in each cell. Although they are flexible in this respect, constructing them at runtime can be time-consuming.

Quick Tables: Quick tables may only contain texts, links, and icons, and you may only place one element in each cell. However, they are less time-consuming to construct at runtime, and are therefore a sensible alternative to standard tables if you want to display a large table without using elements such as pictures, forms, or nested tables.


A standard table is represented by an object with the type cl_dd_table_element . Quick tables are represented by objects with the type cl_dd_table_area . You use the methods of these classes to fill the tables.


To insert a table of either kind in a dynamic document, use the method add_table of your main document instance.