Dynamic Document


A dynamic document is a HTML document that you construct in your program using ABAP methods. The underlying classes then generate the required HTML coding. The document is displayed using the SAP HTML Viewer control.


Like a traditional R/3 list, you construct dynamic documents line by line using ABAP statements. However, they are more flexible than lists, since you can display them anywhere that SAP Container controls are allowed.


A dynamic document is represented by an instance of the class cl_dd_document . You use its methods to add elements to the document.

Within the document, you can create forms and tables. Forms allow you to include input fields, pushbuttons, and dropdown list boxes in a dynamic document. Tables provide an easy way of displaying data in a structured manner.

Sample Layout of a Dynamic Document


The system displays dynamic documents using the SAP HTML Viewer Control and SAP Container controls. In the simplest case, both the container control and the SAP HTML Viewer are created by the system - all you need to do is specify the reserved area on a screen into which they can be placed. For further information, refer to Displaying a Dynamic Document.