The SAP Gateway and the SNC Interface

Using the SAP interface SNC (Secure Network Communication) guarantees secure communication.

SNC supports third-party security systems (such as Kerberos, SECUDE, etc.).This provides for a reliable authentication of the partners and secure data transfer.

The SAP Gateway can reject connections that are not based on SNC.

SAP provides a range of SNC parameters. For more information on configuration see:

·        Configuring Support of SNC Components

·        Parameterization of the SAP Gateway, SNC parameters

·        Documentation of parameters that begin with snc (transaction RZ11)


If a user wants to communicate using the SNC interface, the following prerequisites must be met:


       1.      The user has logged on to the security system

       2.      An SNC name and the SNC library have been defined using Side Info Parameter or Environment Variables.

       3.      The SAP Gateway supports SNC and has been started using the system profile parameter snc/enable.

Further Information

Documentation on SNC is available in the SAP Service Marketplace under the alias Security ( ® Security in Detail ®  Secure System Management.

Documentation on other security measures that you can configure in the SAP Gateway can be found in Security Settings for the SAP Gateway.